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Built very similarly to the AlumaPlaq Bottom Stack this product offers the ability to customize and add a dimensional mat like feeling to products. This Bottom Stack options is given a swirled pattern that offers a sleek contemporary metal look and feel. Bottom Stacks are designed to have another product mounted on its surface. Any standard product can be used with an AlumaPlaq Bottom Stack giving unlimited options and customization. The AlumaPlaq Bottom Stack (No Hanger) may be ordered with a removable top component to allow for flexible and interchangeable art presentations; a DuraPlaq® product with a French cleat hanging system must be selected for the top stack component to take advantage of the removable option.

Material and Sizing Specifications:
Notably eco-friendly 100% recyclable, high grade, 1/18” aluminum. Overall depth of product is 1/16” from front face to wall, please note overall depth of combined pieces will vary.  This product is available fully customized up to 48” x 96” and is available up to 50” x 120” with surface finish restrictions.

Surface Finish Options:
A hand-created swirled finish is applied to the raw aluminum.  This offers a contemporary, sleek aluminum appearance.  Please visit the care section for instructions on cleaning and maintenance.

Hanging System:
This product is designed not to have a hanging system.  No hanger bottom stacks are mainly used in framing applications or with standoffs (additional charges will apply).

Edge Options:
The AlumaPlaq has a straight cut aluminum edge with slightly rounded corners giving the AlumaPlaq Bottom Stack (No Hanger) a clean, modern appearance. Please note that when providing artwork or image files, signatures and crucial components of an image or print should be a minimum 1/4” from the edge to accommodate trimming during the production process.