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Edge Option

Beveled Edge (Clear)
Beveled Edge (Clear)

Looking for something unique?  The Economy PlexiPlaq (No Hanger) has limitless options!  This featured product is the exact same as the Economy PlexiPlaq with the exception of the hanger.  This offers an outdoor suitable, strong, and lightweight product for framing, in conjunction with standoffs, or used in signage applications.  This product is completely water proof and can be used outdoors.  Printing options are endless, traditional print appearances are standard unless otherwise specified; however, there is also a sheer print option to create a stained glass look backlighting or alternative presentations. An optional beveled edge is standard for mounting with a bottom stack component but Economy Plexiplaq (No Backing or Hanger) may additionally be ordered with no beveled edge for use in framing applications.

Material and Sizing Specifications:
Museum grade, ultra-violet protected, scratch resistant 3/16” acrylic.  Overall depth of product is 3/16”.  This standard product is available in any size up 48” x 96”, larger custom sizes available.

Surface Finish Options:
Economy PlexiPlaqs have a scratch resistant, glossy acrylic surface finish. Please visit the care section for instructions on cleaning and maintenance.

Hanging System:
No hanger.  If a hanger is desired please see the Economy PlexiPlaq product or contact DuraPlaq® customer service for custom hanging options.  Economy PlexiPlaq (No Backing or Hanger) product is mainly intended for use in combining with other DuraPlaq® products to create a stacked effect or for framing and signage applications.  Economy PlexiPlaq product can be used in conjunction with standoffs, additional charges will apply.

Edge Options:
Clear 1/8” wide bevel is standard, edge may be ordered without bevel or left raw for framing if specified.  PlexiPlaqs can be provided with a laser flame polished edge, although DuraPlaq® does not recommend this option due to acrylic crazing.