Entrepreneur, inventor and creative fabricator, Tim Emerson had always demonstrated a talent for innovation in printing, graphical arts and technology. Aspiring to serve as an outdoor adventure guide, Emerson achieved his degree in Marketing Management, while apprenticing as an electrician/plumbing/HVAC technician. Combined with his skills in mastering machinery, his true passion emerged as an artistic craftsman and master framer for a large framing retailer, advising and launching new custom framing facilities for the nationwide corporation. In the early 2000’s, Emerson launched Emerson Frames, LLC with his wife Mindy Emerson, who was integral in cultivating DuraPlaq’s unique design profiles, print quality, coatings and technical aesthetics. Emerson Frames, LLC launched its flagship product line, the DuraPlaq, and a profound addition to the photo and graphical arts industries was born.

Today, DuraPlaq offers products that were streamlined by Emerson’s ingenuity–namely–acid-free, heat tolerant and organically produced Melamine coatings for a signature line of eco-friendly wood products, award-winning dye sublimation printing and processing and large format environmental and functional work-space graphics, placing DuraPlaq at the forefront of the global printing and graphical arts space. With product offerings that span glass, wood, acrylic, metal, stone and ceramic substrates, architects, designers and artists engage DuraPlaq for the spectrum of unique printing and fabrication challenges. The DuraPlaq brand continues to dominate the industry in producing superior, leading-edge works of art for some of the world’s largest brand names, artists, photographers and venues. Employing talent that is almost entirely comprised of skilled and gifted woodworkers, artists, engineers, craftsmen, and photographers, DuraPlaq has grown into a company of talented craftsmen that passionately serves the world’s craftsmen.

Offering fine art solutions from coast to coast, DuraPlaq is headquartered among the picturesque Rocky Mountain front range, calling Colorado and Tennessee, two of the country’s most beautiful environments, ‘home’.

Tours of DuraPlaq’s Colorado manufacturing facility and product showroom are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday and Sunday by appointment.