DuraPlaq creates and curates unique works of art for residential, commercial and hospitality venues, worldwide. With staffed artists and illustrators, to a beautiful library of works available through our photographer and artist network, DuraPlaq offers a unique opportunity for its clients to acquire and experience eclectic works that complement their living or working environments.  Collectible, relevant and distinctive art is no longer reserved exclusively for the elite collector. Our designers, brokers and curators connect you with artwork that speaks to you, inline with your budget and personal taste.

Our community of artists and photographers, coupled with our vast network of available stock imagery, continues to grow as we pursue our commitment to delivering quality art solutions: we simplify the acquisition of memorable and distinctive art by providing a manageable and enjoyable commissioned art experience.

From office studio to home, DuraPlaq transforms the commissioned art experience. Contact our team today at (970) 341-3821 or email us at plaqit@duraplaq.com to discuss your display requirements and collaborate with our designers and fabricators.