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Our customer service team is here to serve all of your printing, production and installation needs. We invite you to contact us using the form below, or call us at (970) 381-3421. We are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. MST, and weekends by appointment. Our Colorado Showroom features all of our products, samples and customization options, and we invite you to visit our location and request a tour of our facility.

Thank you for visiting DuraPlaq online!
Phone: (970) 381-3421
Toll Free: (800) 991-7527
Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. MST

Colorado Office and Production Facility (Headquarters)
14479 Mead Court
Longmont, Colorado 80504

Tennessee Office and Production Facility
198 Old Federal Road SE, Cleveland, TN 37323

Got Questions? The Friendly Staff At DuraPlaq Has Answers!
Please feel free to contact the DuraPlaq Customer Service Team to Address Any Questions Or Concerns Before Ordering! Make The Ordering Process Successful By Being An Educated Consumer!

Prepping Your Files For Printing?
For the best resolution and end product, please submit image files in 8 or 16 bit format with Adobe 98 in tiff, jpeg, psd, vector, or psb format. Our printing processes maintain 1,200 dpi, however to maintain optimum print quality, files should maintain 300 dpi minimum at the desired print size. See page two product comparison for more information on print quality and resolution. Please make sure you note any required image file sizes for preset size products.

Custom Size, Custom Price?
DuraPlaq believes in offering customization as a standard! Unless it’s a preset sized product, there’s no need to compromise or crop your image! All of our products are custom created to the size you want (rounded to the nearest 1/8″”). To determine a DuraPlaq price, calculate the overall square inch size of the piece (length in inches x width in inches = square inch) and determine the corresponding product cost and the corresponding print cost if applicable. To calculate the product cost, locate the corresponding square inch size in the plaque size column on the left of the pricing page and follow the line horizontally to the product column to the price. If the square inch size is not specifically noted, round up to the nearest listed square inch size. If a print is not included or you have not provided one, a print cost will also be assessed. The print cost is calculated by taking the square inch size of the print times the print rate as shown on page 8 for each print type (square inch size x print rate = cost).

Want to see what it looks like?
Get inspired! Check out our website for additional product information & images. Website features include hanging & care instructions, edge color previews, & more! For a hands on feel for our products, order a sample set or test proof (pricing above) to make sure your order will meet your expectations.

Ready to place an order?
Upload image files and submit order information on the DuraPlaq website! Or simply email order specifics to to place an order!

What Else Should you Know?
The manufacturing process can take up to 1/4″” off each side of artwork for most DuraPlaq® products. Please note that signatures or crucial image composition should be minimum 1/4″” away from edge of artwork to assure they will be maintained in manufacturing process. Borders on images may become skewed given the human craftsmanship involved in creating our plaque products. Attention to detail is important however we do not recommend borders smaller than 1″” as they can exaggerate small skewing in the print application. Please check out the DuraPlaq terms and conditions before ordering for more information regarding image resolution, customization, applicable fees and more.

Are You a Pro? Let Us Know!
You may qualify for a professional or commercial discount! Contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff to see if you qualify. Have a sales tax license? Make sure to fill out and return a tax exempt form to qualify for tax exempt status on your purchase.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?
If you are dreaming of a custom print or presentation style please feel free to contact us to see if there may be a custom option to fit your needs. If you can dream it, chances are DuraPlaq can create it!

As your fine art provider in creation innovation, the knowledgeable team at DuraPlaq looks forward to serving your art needs! Please contact the DuraPlaq customer service team if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding our products and printing services.