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Architects, contractors and interior designers seek DuraPlaq for our expertise in identity and place-branding, research-based signage and wayfinding, interpretive storytelling and interactive graphical experiences. We work diligently to shape the visitor experience by the planning and design of comprehensive graphic systems for a diverse audience. Our award-winning team works to identify key advertising, wayfinding and branding opportunities, combining identity, signage, wayfinding, print media and illuminated displays, designed to enhance your visitor experience.

Encouraging sustainable production practices for over ten years, our recommendations combine new media, innovative printing technologies, advanced coatings and eco-friendly materials with client policies, recycling and sustainability concerns. Our design team will work with you to balance your project’s durability with flexibility—with minimize waste.

Our projects are often complex, with multiple stake-holder groups. We are well-versed at managing critiques, building client consensus and facilitating group decision making. We are committed to a streamlined process that involves open communication and creative management of budget and production schedule.

For consultation on your project and recommendations for an optimal visitor experience, including static and radiant media, please contact our design team today at (970) 341-3821 or email us at