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Economy DuraWrap Gallery

Edge Options

Full Image Wrap
Mirrored Front
Solid Color

DuraPlaq® customers can’t stop raving about this product!  The Economy DuraWrap combines the look of a traditional canvas gallery wrap, the durability of the DuraPlaq® product line, and DuraPlaq®’s premier direct printing process.  As the economy version of the canvas Durawrap, the Economy DuraWrap abolishes typical canvas disadvantages including wrinkles or sagging on the front face, unsightly folds in the canvas on the corners, and visible lines from the stretcher bars all of which distract from the overall presentation.  Each Durawrap is customized with your choice of edge treatment.  This is truly a revolutionary product worth seeing!

Material and Sizing Specifications:
High grade, recycled 1/8” eco-friendly wood based product coated for moisture resistance and longevity.  Backing component is created with 1-1/2” wood stretcher frame.

Surface Finish Options:
Canvas print finish.  This product is made using a direct printed, UV cured ink that needs no surface finish and holds up well with exposure to ultra violet light. Please note that due to the nature of printing directly to materials there may be variations in the surface and appearance of a direct print due to varying base colors, textures and finishes. DuraPlaq® does not offer replacements on surface or color variations with an economy direct print product.  Please visit the care section for instructions on cleaning and maintenance.

Hanging System:
Wire hanger on most sizes, sawtooth tab hanger on sizes approximately 8” x 10” and smaller.  Wire hanger is provided as the standard hanging system for this product, metal French cleat available. DuraWrap product comes ready to hang, complete with appropriate hanging hardware suitable to most traditional wall installations.  Please visit the care section for hanging instructions on how to best hang a DuraWrap.

Edge Options:
Please specify how you would like the sides of the wrap to look.  Traditional options for the side edges include mirrored image, specified solid color, black, or full image wrap (crops image seen).  Customization options include printed business name or message on the backside of the Economy DuraWrap.  Bring your creativity and we’ll create it!