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Edge Option

Beveled Edge (Clear)
Beveled Edge (Clear)

The distinctive PlexiPlaq presentation with an economy price!  This economy version of the PlexiPlaq offers high quality with an economy price by eliminating the need for paper prints and surface finishes.  Unlike the traditional PlexiPlaq, the Economy PlexiPlaq is suitable for use indoor or outside.  Printed directly to exclusive 3/8” highest quality, premium museum-grade acrylic, printed Economy PlexiPlaqs have a slightly softer print than a traditional PlexiPlaq but maintain a great cost-effective alternative. Partnering superior ultra violet light protection and a scratch resistance coating, this acrylic product has superior durability and protection.  A concealed and recessed French cleat hanging system allows these metal prints to have a floating dimension while hanging securely and discretely.

Material and Sizing Specifications:
Museum grade, ultra-violet protected, scratch resistant 3/16” acrylic.  Protective acid-free backing and French cleat hanger are made of black 1/2″ poly material.  Overall depth of product is 13/16” from front face to wall.  This standard product is available in any size up 48” x 96”, larger custom sizes available.  Chances are DuraPlaq® can produce artwork as big as you can dream it!

Surface Finish Options:
Economy PlexiPlaqs have a scratch resistant, glossy acrylic surface finish.  Due to the nature of printing directly to materials with varying base colors, textures and finishes, there may be variations in the surface and appearance of a direct print. DuraPlaq® does not offer replacements on surface or color variations showing through a direct print.  Please visit the care section for instructions on cleaning and maintenance.

Hanging System:
Black 0.5” French cleat hanging system.  Each Economy PlexiPlaq comes ready to hang, complete with appropriate hanging hardware suitable to most traditional wall installations.  Please visit the care section for hanging instructions.  Economy Plexiplaqs are not recommended for sizes smaller than 8”x 10” in order to keep the French cleat hanger concealed.  Wire hangers can be added to Economy PlexiPlaqs; however, DuraPlaq® does not warranty or recommend this hanging method due to instability in hanging.

Edge Options:
Clear 1/8” wide bevel is standard, custom bevels available.  Economy PlexiPlaqs can be provided with a laser flame polished edge, although DuraPlaq™ does not recommend this option due to acrylic crazing.  Please note that when providing artwork or image files, signatures and crucial components of an image or print should be a minimum 1/4” from the edge to accommodate trimming during the production process.