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MegaPlaq Gallery

Edge Colors

Black (BLK)
Black Edge Option
Barn Wood (BWD)
Barn Wood Edge Option
Antique Cherry (CHR)
Antique Cherry Edge Option
Flag Blue (FBL)
Flag Blue Edge Option
Vegas Gold (GLD)
Vegas Gold Edge Option
Forest Green (GRN)
Forest Green Edge Option
Granite (GRNT)
Granite Edge Option
Midnight Marble (MMRB)
Midnight Marble Edge Option
Old Time Oak (OAK)
Old Time Oak Edge Option
Rocky Mountain Pine (PNE)
Rocky Mountain Pine Edge Option
Silver Plume (SLVR)
Silver Plume Edge Option
True Red (TRD)
True Red Edge Option
Wedding White (WHT)
Wedding White Edge Option
Gallery Walnut (WLNT)
Gallery Walnut Edge Option

MegaPlaqs bring an element of substance and dimension to mounted art as they are more than an inch thick.  A MegaPlaq is essentially a thickened DuraPlaq® wherein the depth of the plaque can be seen from any angle when displayed.

Art is mounted on a thick, acid-free surface and finished with a beveled edge.  The backside is hollowed out to reduce weight and conceal a convenient cleat hanging system allowing the MegaPlaq to hang securely, flush against a wall.  Various edge colors and surface finishes provide the opportunity to enhance and personalize a plaque mounted picture meanwhile providing UV protection and moisture resistance.

Material: Recycled, eco-friendly wood, coated with acid-free moisture resistant barrier. The french cleat hanging system is made out of eco-friendly non-coated wood.

Surface Finish Options: Velvet (Standard), Satin, Matte, and Semi-Matte.

Hanging System: French Cleat is standard. If requested a wire hanger can be added to the MegaPlaq.  Please not that we do not warranty wire hangers. Included with the cleat hanging system are Hangman Walldog Screws.These are an all steel, one piece, threaded fastener. Walldog fasteners are fast. Unlike conventional screw anchors, which require the secondary step of threading a sheet metal screw into an anchor, the Walldog is installed directly through the fixture into the drywall.

Edge: Beveled with any color. Normal bevel is 3/16 of an inch, we do have the capability to do slighter bevels if requested.

Care: You can simply wipe the surface of the MegaPlaq with normal glass cleaner and a clean cloth. For grease and heavier debris we recommend using Denatured Alcohol. Plastic polish can be used to remove hairline scratches from the surfaces as well. Contact customer service if you would like the names of any of the cleaner we use. This product is UV protected but as with all fine art we recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight. MegaPlaqs should not be used outdoors.

Hanging Instructions: Included with your MegaPlaq is French cleat hanging system. Take the beveled short block of wood and press it against the wall with the bevel going downward towards the wall. Set a level under the cleat hanger. With the cleat level, screw the first Walldog Screw through the cleat into the wall. With the cleat still level screw the rest of the Walldog Screws through the cleat into the wall. Make sure the Walldog Screws drive tightly into the wall. Giving no separation from the wall and the cleat. Now you can place the MegaPlaq on top of the cleat hanger on the wall setting it in place. The MegaPlaq can be moved left and right to the desired location. If the MegaPlaq seems off level simple put a small piece of tissue paper on the beveled area of the cleat hanger. This will raise the MegaPlaq up leveling it out.