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Coaster Gallery
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Edge Color
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Coasters present a unique and usable fine art product!  Coasters preserve art prints in a fully acid-free, moisture resistant, and UV-protected finish from front to back.  A complimentary fine art satin DuraPlaq® print or a customer supplied print is mounted in a fully acid-free manner to DuraPlaq®’s exclusive eco-conscious 3/8” premium wood product coated front and back with an acid-free surface.  This product has a set size of approximately 4” x 4” with black beveled edge and standardized velvet finish for maximum durability.  The black backside creates a fully presentable and finished sleek presentation from front to back.  Digital image files or provided prints must be exactly 4” x 4” to ensure a high quality coaster image.  Clear box packaging and plastic holders are available for purchase to compliment Coaster products.

Material and Sizing Specifications:
Recycled, 3/8” eco-friendly wood coated to be acid-free and moisture resistant for ultimate protection and longevity of artwork.  This product is available only in the set size of approximately 4” x 4” x 3/8”.

Surface Finish Options:
Velvet Finish.  This product is available only with a velvet surface finish for maximum durability, water resistance, and ultra violet light protection.  Please visit the care section for cleaning and maintenance instructions.  Please note, coasters are not dishwasher safe.

Hanging System:
No Hanger.  To optimize water resistance and yield premium quality, Coasters are intended for tabletop display and do not come with a hanging system.  Please see StandardPlaq or Plaqcard product if this is the desired presentation appearance.

Edge Options:
Beveled with a black 3/16” edge, maintain a sleek, functional fine art presentation. Please note that when providing artwork or image files, signatures and crucial components of an image or print should be a minimum 1/4” from the edge to accommodate trimming during the production process.