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Terms & Conditions

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Thank you for selecting DuraPlaq® for your art needs! The knowledgeable DuraPlaq® team looks forward to serving you and assisting you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns as you prepare your order. We would love to assist you! Before you order, here are a few things to know. By submitting an order with DuraPlaq®, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

DuraPlaq® products are custom built and rounded in size to the nearest 1/8 inch based on the provided image file / print. For the best resolution and end product, please submit image files in 8 or 16 bit Adobe 98 RGB format. For optimal print resolution, files should maintain 300 dpi to 600 dpi at the desired print size in tiff, jpeg, psd, or psb format. Please note any required image file size requirements by product for preset size products. Submit image files pre‐size to the specified sizes noted on the price list.

Please contact the DuraPlaq® Customer Service team for paper‐specific ICC profiles for standard DuraPlaq® paper print offerings for soft proofing purposes. Please note, ICC profiles are not available for economy products as the white point of economy products is not as consistent as paper. Without a correctly color‐calibrated monitor and Adobe 98 profiling, image colors may print different than what is visible on your computer screen. To assure colors meet your expectations, DuraPlaq® recommends ordering test prints to assure colors are correct for any specific image. Test prints will be charged at corresponding print cost listed on price list per print type.

Image files will be kept on file internally unless otherwise requested for reordering purposes. Image files do not need to be uploaded with each order if previously submitted. To reorder an image, please list the image by the exact file name previously submitted when corresponding order information.

Due to the subjective nature of acceptable appearance both in color and resolution, there is no specific standard
DuraPlaq® can go by to review images printed at our facility. In serving largely professional photographers, artists, and designers, DuraPlaq® assumes any desired image modification and preparation has been completed prior to submission. Any editing including, digital signatures or verification of the image resolution, etc. is not performed unless specifically noted with an incoming order. Pending complexity and requested or required services, graphics and editing time may be billed in accordance with the hourly rate listed on the price list.

Due to the nature of printing to materials with varying base colors, textures and finishes, there may be variations in the surface and appearance of a direct print or infused print. Ink adhesion and end product quality are not guaranteed with customer provided materials due to varying ink acceptance of materials. DuraPlaq® does not offer replacements on surface or color variations with products including direct prints, infused prints, or prints on custom or customer provided materials.

There are limitless ways to customize a DuraPlaq® product. Given the range of options and custom nature of every order, the DuraPlaq® team strives to fulfill each order with accuracy to your expectations every time. In order to do this, please specify any custom notes and details with each order so that DuraPlaq® can meet your expectations. Without specifically noting preferences, unique customization, and non‐standard order requirements, DuraPlaq® can not be held liable for their omission. DuraPlaq® would hate to not meet your expectations because they are not clearly noted with each order.

Non‐standard components including digital signatures, wire hangers, etc. must be denoted to ensure proper order
completion. Modifications to an order or missing information may delay order fulfillment if not addressed before the order is processed. Please verify your order for accuracy and completeness prior to submission and assure that you have corresponded customization, digital editing, or other specifics when placing an order.

Please note that orders may be submitted via e‐mail or through the DuraPlaq® website. Due to the customization of
each product, orders may be corresponded in a variety of methods and do not require the use of a DuraPlaq® order
form. A printable order form or electronic order submission may be accessed under the ‘My Account Order Resources’ section of the DuraPlaq® website. Image files may also be uploaded through the DuraPlaq® website through the ‘MyAccount Order Resources’ section.

DuraPlaq® will gladly accept other order formats however please remember to include any required information to create your custom DuraPlaq® products to your expectations. To submit an order via email, please send all pertinent order instructions to plaqit@duraplaq.com. DuraPlaq® encourages use of the following format to reduce the omission of any information required to accurately submit an order.

Typical Order Information:

Customer :
PO # :
Quantity :
Size :
Image :
Print Type : (Not Available for Economy Products)
Digital Editing : (Charges May Apply)
Product :
Finish : (Not Available for Economy Products)
Edge Option :
Special Notes / Customization or Additional Products : (Charges May Apply)
Shipping / Delivery Address :
Date Needed to Arrive / Pickup :
Special Notes for the Order :Please contact the customer service team if you have any questions or concerns in preparing an order.

All DuraPlaq® products come with a built in hanging system unless otherwise noted. The provided standard hanging varies by product type and is recommended for security and stability when hung. DuraPlaq™ recognizes that alternate hanging systems, including wire hangers, may be required for temporary presentation. DuraPlaq™ will provided non‐standard wire hangers on most products at the customer’s request. Please note, wire hangers can not be applied to StandardPlaq or Economy StandardPlaq products nor can wire hangers be applied post production. Due to insecurity in hanging and potential for failure, DuraPlaq is not liable for damage caused for any product with a non‐standard wire hanger.

The manufacturing process can take up to 1/4″ off each side of artwork for most DuraPlaq® products. Please note that signatures or crucial image composition should be minimum 1/4″ away from edge of artwork to assure they will be maintained in manufacturing process. Add 1/4″ to each length and width dimension if margins are tight to allow for this production requirement to maintain image composition with any product with a beveled edge. Due to the hand created nature of the DuraPlaq® product line, there is a minimum 1/8″ skew tolerance in the manual application of a print. Please note that this may appear exaggerated on images with small borders; borders less than 2” are not recommended.

DuraPlaq® handles each piece with utmost care in our facility, however, given manufacturing processes it is possible that a provided print may be damaged. DuraPlaq® will repair or replace any artwork up to $50.00 wholesale value due to damage during the manufacturing process. Submitting high value or irreplaceable artwork for mounting is not recommended and is a customer‐assumed risk if damage occurs to a print or provided piece. DuraPlaq® can not guarantee the outcome of any provided print applied to a DuraPlaq® product. If a provided print is wrinkled or damaged upon receipt, any defects may not be minimized based on the condition of the provided print and may be exaggerated through the manufacturing process. If prints are received with hair, pet dander, or other particulate, DuraPlaq® team members will attempt to best clean prints however DuraPlaq® will not be responsible for such particulate in any completed piece. The DuraPlaq® printing process maintains clean room procedures to assure that DuraPlaq® prints do not have hair or particulate causing defects in completed products.

DuraPlaq® reserves the right to charge for additional labor and materials due to incorrect or insufficient order
information; please use care when placing an order. Typical additional service fees may include the following :

Trim Charge $3.00
Metal Cleat By Request $3.00 / Foot
Keyed Security Hanger By Request $5.00 / Each
PhotoShop Editing Per Price List
Packaging / Crating Per Price List
Custom Cut Shapes Typically 50% Premium, Pricing May Vary Based on Complexity

Payment is due in full at the time your order is completed or departs our facility. Please verify your payment
information upon placing an order as orders may be delayed in shipping until payment is successfully processed. Credit terms available with prior approval; please contact our customer service department for a credit application.

DuraPlaq® reserves the right to require upfront payment when an order is submitted for customers with outstanding balances or for customers with whom a business relationship has not yet been established. Overdue accounts shall be subject to additional charges including late fees for overdue amounts exceeding 30 days, interest charges of 18% APR for overdue amounts exceeding 60 days, and associated lawyer or collections fees if payment is not received within 120 days and requires legal action to collect on any past due amount. Any returned check will impose a $35.00 fee.

Orders that have not been shipped per customer request or picked up from DuraPlaq® will be charged to your account
and are expected to be addressed within 10 business days from the first time DuraPlaq® attempts to contact you. Orders that have not been picked up after 90 days from initial contact attempt, will be considered as abandoned and become property of DuraPlaq® or disposed of unless previously arranged in writing.

Before you or your customer signs for a DuraPlaq® shipment, please thoroughly inspect packaging for any potential
damage to the box or contents before signing for the shipment. If any damage occurs to exterior packaging during
shipping it is possible that the contents may be damaged. If there is damage or marking on packaging, please note the shipment as damaged with shipping carrier or inspect the contents to accept as is prior to signing for the package. This is additionally noted on the exterior of each shipment as a notification and reminder when receiving a shipment.

Signing for a shipment without noting any potential damage is acceptance of the package and contents in its current condition upon arrival. DuraPlaq® will do everything possible to assist you in any damage claim however DuraPlaq® is not responsible for loss or damage that has not been noted upon delivery and acceptance of the shipment. Please promptly open, inspect, and count all packages and products upon receipt to verify their quality and accuracy. Shipments are typically sent with signature requirements to assure that shipments are delivered to the appropriate recipient and reviewed for damage prior to acceptance. Please note there are many options including delivery to a local shipping facility for pickup (recommended) or waiver of signature for shipments if requested. Please note, waiving the delivery signature requirement releases DuraPlaq® from all liability for loss or damage that may result from delivery without signature at customer’s request. No invoices or paperwork denoting billing or DuraPlaq® fulfillment will be included in any shipment.

DuraPlaq® values customer satisfaction and guarantees a quality product to suit your art solution needs. Please contact the DuraPlaq® Customer Service department if you have any questions or concerns.

DuraPlaq® is a registered trademark. Only authorized dealers working with DuraPlaq® are permitted to display or use the DuraPlaq® name.